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John Betts - Fine Minerals, New York, NY
Dealers of Fine Minerals and Natural Crystal Clusters since 1989.


Most common questions from callers:

How do I purchase from your site? Use my online order form. I will then confirm via email after calculting the postage and insurance.
Can you identify my mineral for me? I cannot identify a mineral from photographs or from a description over the telephone. I suggest searching for "Mineral Club Directory" to find a local mineral club in your area. They will help you identify your mineral.
Are all minerals/diamonds shown on your site in stock? Yes, all items are available. Sold items are removed from the galleries.
Do you have a store? No, we are mail/internet sales only, but special arrangements are possible with adequate advance notice.
How do I pay for my order? All major credit cards are accepted in addition to PayPal. High value orders (and some international destinations) require bank-to-bank wire transfer.
Do you buy minerals? Yes, see this page for instructions: Sell your mineral collection
Do you perform appraisals for estates or charitable donations? Yes, I have performed many appraisals based on my 28+ year experience selling 70,000+ mineral specimens. I charge $1500/day plus travel expenses with a two day minimum (1 day on site, 1 day appraisal documentation) and provide written appraisal, plus IRS Form 8283.
Do you sell large parcels of high-grade diamonds to investors or their agents No, my entire diamond inventory is on my web site and and all transactions are through my order form. In my experience all "investors" seeking to buy diamonds through intermediaries are scammers that are cheating the intermediary, but the intermediary has not discovered the scam yet. Nobody in the diamond trade will take these inquiries seriously.



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