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Mineralogy Database  - an exhaustive database of mineral species data, crystal diagrams, classification systems.
Mindat.Org Online Mineral Resource - has an excellent cross reference of localities and mineral species.
The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom: The ultimate guide to minerals
Mineral Properties
Dana Classification
Minerals, Crystals and Their Systems
Barite Localities and Photos
A Guide to Buying Diamond Gemstones Online
Blue-light fluorescence


Bob's Rock Shop: Link List
LinxNet Science and Technology Index
Kreigh's Web Resources Collection for Rockhounds


Los Angeles Natural History Museum
A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum
The Field Museum of Natural History
Illinois State Museum
Yale Peabody Museum


Shinichi Kato's Mineral & Fossil Collection
Agates from Europe


Sterling Hill Mining Museum, Ogdensburg, New Jersey
Oliver Roth's Kristalle - Alpine/Swiss Minerals
The Australian Mineral Collector
Belgian Virtual Quarry
The Duke Geological Lab No Place Like Page

Collecting Sites

Rock Collecting Around the USA
Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood - Charles Stewart *
Oregon Rockhounds OnLine
Crystal Grove Herkimer Diamond Site


EROS Data Center


Maine Geological Survey
U.S. Geological Survey


Minéraux et Fossiles
LR Ream Publishing -- Publisher of Gem, Mineral, Rock and Fossil Collector Information
The Northern Miner


Bob's Rock Shop: Table of Contents

Geoscience Books

Out of Print Books


Diamond Dan Publications Fun & Educational Publications for Young Mineralogists

Mineral Merchants

Fabre Minerals
Dakota Matrix Minerals - Tom & Vicki Loomis
The Mineral Mall
Montgomery Crystal - Quartz crystals and jewelry
Alpine Minerals - aesthetic mineral dealers in Germany
Mineral - Tivadar - Agates from Hungary

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