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Ordering Information

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Online Orders

Following is the simple step-by-step process for purchasing items on this site. We accept credit cards and PayPal as payment. Simply follow these steps to make a purchase:

Step 1. - Review the galleries on this web site and select the items to purchase.

Step 2. - Go to the Order Form and fill out completely. YOU MUST MANUALLY ENTER THE ITEM NUMBER, MINERAL AND PRICE FOR EACH ITEM.

Step 3. - We will send a confirmation via email of your order availability and total amount due including postage. (New York State residents must pay local sales tax.)

Step 4. - Normally credit card purchases will be shipped the next business day. No charge is processed until the day your order is shipped.

Step 5. - If you are paying by PayPal you will receive an email request for payment. PayPal payments must be sent within 5 days of placing your order. Once your payment has been received we will ship out your order.

NOTE: Special high-value items require payment via bank-to-bank wire transfer. You will be notified of these conditions prior to confirming your order.

Want to know what others think of this site, the service, or the minerals? Visit my Customer Feedback page.

International Orders

All of the above applies. In addition to credit cards, payment may be made with International Postal Money Orders, International Bank Draft (with A.B.A. number), or wire transfer. Shipments will be shipped airmail by the least expensive method. Packages under 4 pounds (1.8 kg) will ship USPS First Class Airmail, packages over 4 pounds will ship USPS Priority Airmail.

When filling in the order form you may select either option:
1. Declare low value and do not insure. Recipient assumes all risk.
2. Declare full value and ship fully insured against loss. The recipient is responsible for import duties/taxes.

The contents are ALWAYS labeled "Geologic rock samples for scientific study."

Phone Orders

If you prefer to call to speak to me directly you may reach me during regular office hours. However, please note that many of my minerals are in the warehouse and may not be able to answer specific questions. Email is preferred.


If you are visiting New York City or one of the mineral shows on my schedule you may arrange to pick up you purchase in person. Please order 2 weeks prior to your visit to allow time to retrieve the specimens from our warehouse and prepare your purchase.

Return Policy - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied with the specimens you may return them within 2 weeks for a full refund. We are sorry, no returns after the 2 week grace period.

Click here for details and procedure for returning purchases.

The Common Reasons Minerals Are Returned

Minerals are commonly returned for two reasons: they looked larger on screen than in real life; and the mineral does not look like the photo.

  1. The first problem is easy to remedy in advance. Simply print out the photo to match the size listed under overall size. If you are not adept at printing photos to scale, go low-tech: measure out the dimensions on a piece of paper and find another object the same size. See if that size will be acceptable. Is it what you want to own? If not, do not order the specimen. We have provided a page of all minerals on this site sorted by size to help you focus on the specimens that meet your size requirements.
  2. The second problem is dependent on your environment where you keep your collection. All minerals on this site are accurately represented with photographs prepared under optimum conditions. This includes reflective backgrounds, custom support stands, color balanced spot-light sources and photographed from a single point of view. If minerals are displayed under less than optimum conditions (i.e. fluorescent lights, diffuse panel lights, incandescent lights, etc.) do not expect the full beauty of the mineral to show. For more information on how to properly illuminate and display your minerals see my article on display lighting.

Photo Quality vs Display Quality

We have worked hard to make sure the minerals are accurately represented. The images on this website are optimized for viewing with a any browser or Adobe Photoshop on a PC computer. Also, your computer monitor should be properly adjusted to yield accurate color rendition. It is highly recommended that you use various commercial software packages to set the gamma on your display (This is built-in to Photoshop for PCs). I have had minerals returned because they were not as white as on their computer display. It turned out the brightness on the buyer's monitor, and therefore the image, was turned up too bright making all minerals look white. This is exactly what the gamma control programs help avoid. Mac users beware: your screens are inherently brighter and minerals appear lighter than on PCs.

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