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Procedure for Filing a Claim for Damaged Items


We apologize if any items you received were damaged in shipment. We try our best to prevent damage, and less than 1% packages ever are damaged in shipment. However, if any items were damaged during shipment please take the following steps:

1. Email John Betts immediately at We will file an insurance claim immediately at the Post Office where the package originated. We will issue a credit on your credit card or send a refund check for the amount of damage.

2. Save all original packing and boxes. These must be returned to the Post Office for them to see if the items were adequately protected and if the package shows signs of abuse.

3. You will be forwarded the insurance claim from the US Postal Service. Fill out the areas indicated and sign the form.

4. Take the insurance claim, the damaged items and the original packing to your local Post Office. They will keep all items (unfortunately, damaged items are kept as evidence by the US Postal Service.)

5. The US Postal Service will pay the claim to the sender (John Betts - Fine Minerals).



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