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Returning Purchases for Refund

We have a no-questions-asked return policy.

If you are not completely satisfied with the mineral specimens purchased you may return them within 2 weeks of date of receipt for a full refund.
We are sorry, no returns after the 2 week grace period, except by prior approval.

(NOTE: The single most-frequent cause for returns is because the purchaser "thought it was larger." Avoid returns by using a ruler to measure out the dimensions listed for each mineral.)

Please follow these steps when returning items for refund:

1. Please email to notify us of the intent to return the item(s).

2. Any mineral to be returned must arrive at our address within 2 weeks from the date you received the package. This means you should ship the returned mineral within 1 week of date of receipt to make sure the package arrives back before the deadline. We work very hard to ship package out to customers quickly, please return this courtesy.

3. Wrap each specimen individually. Please try to replicate the original wrapping technique, with soft clear plastic wrap as the inner layer protecting the mineral.

4. Wrap the specimen (now protected with plastic wrap) plus all labels and documentation originally included in tissue paper or bubblewrap. Tape the tissue paper/bubblewrap closed to prevent opening during shipment.

5. Pack in a shipping box the specimen/labels with 1/2 inch padding of crushed newspaper or bubblewrap between the specimens and the package walls on all sides.

6. Do not reuse the box the minerals were shipped in if there is ANY evidence of crushing or damage. Shipping boxes are made to be used one time only and lose their strength after damage.

7. Delicate specimens must be double boxed. A minimum if 1" of bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts must be between the inner box and the outer box on all sides. (This is UPS and USPS regulations!)

8. Ship the specimens to the return address on the package or enclosed invoice. Insure the package for the full value of the contents (do not include any discounts).

Failure to follow any steps above will result in:
     a. Invalidating the shipping insurance preventing any claims for damage.You, the shipper, assumes all responsibility for potential damage.
     b. A restocking charge of 25% of retail value of returned items.

Upon receipt of the returned specimens, a credit will be made on your purchase. Your purchase total will be recalculated, and applicable discounts applied. (If the returned items drop the total purchase into a lower discount category, the discounts applied will be at the lower rate.) A refund will be sent promptly for the difference between the original charge and the revised charge for only the items kept. If the original purchase was made with a credit card, a credit will be processed to the same card. If the original order was made with check or money order and refund check will be mailed to you.

International customers are responsible for all import taxes and duties. The purchaser is responsible for postage if the purchaser refuses to pay duties or taxes and the package is returned by Customs Inspectors.


Minerals priced over $400 have a special return policy that requires they be sent back within 24 hours of receipt to receive the full refund. This special policy is required to prevent purchasers from trying to resell items, then returning them after they fail to find a buyer.



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