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Online Security Information

Remember, you only have to give your credit card information once.
After the information is on file, all subsequent orders will be easy and secure.

Security Note:
All records of transactions and credit card information are stored offline. It is impossible for any hacker to gain access to this information from this site.

Are you hesitant about sending your credit number over the internet to pay for a purchase?

There are two general concerns: is the merchant reliable and trustworthy; and is my credit card information secure when it is sent. The first question you must resolve for yourself based on word of mouth, articles, reviews, advertising. After you are satisfied that the dealer is trustworthy, then you place an order for minerals.

Is your card information safe?

Is  your credit card information safe when you buy gasoline or dinner at a restaurant? The waiter at a restaurant or the clerk at the gasoline station are arguably a bigger risk than an internet transaction. Sending your credit card number via email is NOT secure. But using a Secure Server (SSL) order form is VERY SECURE. This sites uses the most secure server possible. Your customer information never passes through an email. It is stored in a secure database temporarily until the order is filled then removed. You will never have your information ever divulged through this site - ever.

What can I do to guarantee credit card security?

I understand if you are still not reassured. You may call our office during normal business hours. This is completely confidential.

Is credit card payment any better than sending a check or money order?

Yes! I cannot emphasize how much better it is to use a credit card. The most significant advantage is your order will be shipped AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

When a check is used for payment the chronology is usually something like this: You place the order via email, you send the check in 4-5 days, check is delivered 3 days later, check is deposited the next day, it clears my bank in 4 days, your minerals are shipped the next day, the package is delivered 4 days later. That is 18 days elapsed! And the time is almost double that when it is an international shipment.

The other advantage to credit card payment is you are guaranteed the minerals you request. For first time customers, a mineral will not be reserved or withdrawn from sale until your check arrives. This is due to the inordinate amount of check payments that are never sent. (On average 20 specimens per month are reserved, but never paid for!)

From my perspective, the paperwork is easier, I know the payment has been made, and I don't have 50 specimens sitting around awaiting payment. Please use a credit card if you have one.

Remember you only have to give your credit card information once. After it is on file all subsequent orders will be easy and security will not be an issue.

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